Account of 3rd night of #BrooklynProtest #FTP

I just got home, from #BrooklynProtest (trending on twitter in USA! again). It was the 3rd night of protest, and after a candle lit vigil, the NYPD had a very agressive display of force with 40 Skooters, 25 Horses, and phalanxes of riot police present. We wanted to march to the Precinct, but after the Police blocked off sidewalk, and then shoved youth who had their hands up (still on sidewalk) the others then took the streets, and then it became a Wildcat march to the precinct. The people absolutely had enough. About 50+ arrested mostly young black women, many are being negotiated for and will get desk appearance tickets, however some are on parole or probation and will be facing some serious time for their participation tonight. I commend their bravery, and sacrifice. I wasn’t worried about getting arrested myself, it was clear they weren’t interested in the non POC, or adults, they were clearly going after the youth. How can we best amplify and strengthen their militant struggle for justice? Some, like Councilman Juumane Williams argued that the “youth should be controlled”, and while he argues that they’re right to be angry, he is also stifling their rage instead of agitating with them. The NYPD cannot and will not be part of the restorative process. The only steps that must be taken, are a demilitarized, reduced NYPD with expansion of social programs and services, which currently the NYPD is actively a part in preventing. 

I was roughly thrown over barricade by cops, but I’ll be back tomorrow, and the night after and after, because this is truly historical, and Brooklyn’s moment. Let’s get other districts involved, and start a true NYC resistance movement against NYPD terror. The youth today were brave, and many more shall be inspired to join up. 

Please call 311 & demand that everyone arrested at the #KimaniGray vigil be released from the NYPD 71st + 69th precincts in Brooklyn! Or call the precinct directly:

71st precinct (718) 735-0511 
69th precinct (718) 257-6211